The construction of a pioneering partly roofed-in bus maintenance depot is getting underway on the approximately 36,000 m² piece of land in the Moosach area of Munich. An approximately 24 m high wall will shield the complex from noise pollution. The surrounding area is characterized by the ... more
By purchasing the long vacant department store in 2014, the City of Cologne assumed a key role in the effort to advance the pending rehabilitation of the city center of Porz. The Urban Development Corporation moderne stadt had been given the mandate for the creation of a feasibility study, which ... more
Topics such as current trends in residential construction in view of needs-oriented and sustainable urban development were discussed at the round-table discussion, which had been initiated by the BAUMEISTER editorial board and moderated by the editor-in-chief Alexander Gutzmer. JSWD staff, ... more
At the “Museum of Silence” in Berlin, a new addition is being celebrated today: The model presented features the “Room of Silence” as had been realized previously at the Forum Q2 of the ThyssenKrupp Quarters in Essen. The two architectural firms JSWD Architekten of Cologne ... more
Following an initial urban planning process in 2008, the architectural design and open space planning competition for the new structure to replace the district municipal complex Rodenkirchen had been released in 2017 and was recently decided. The design submitted by JSWD Architekten provides for a ... more
Directly adjacent to the Vienna Main Railroad Station on a triangular property, the shell of the business center The Icon Vienna is growing taller and taller. Now it was time to proceed with the "topping out ceremony” (Dachgleiche) meaning the reinforced concrete cover for the highest of the ... more
The plans call for a globally unique permanent Wallpaper Collection at the Brüder-Grimm Square at the Kassel MuseumQuarter. The design submitted by JSWD Architekten was awarded the 2nd prize. The proposed new structure is destined to become the distinguishing structure at the square ... more
In Ulm wurden kürzlich mit der Feier des 1. Spatenstichs die Bauarbeiten zur Erweiterung des Landratsamtes des Alb-Donau-Kreises gestartet. Die Baustelle liegt im gründerzeitlichen Erweiterungsring um die historische Innenstadt. Der geplante Kopfbau arrondiert den Stadtplatz im ... more
We wish Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all our business associates! Frederik Jaspert, Konstantin Jaspert, Jürgen Steffens and Olaf Drehsen   Photo: FLOW Tower, Cologne (Christa ... more
Im Hamburger AIT ArchitekturSalon wird das Studienergebnis zum Thema  „Versteckte Moderne - Stahlbauten der Nachkriegsmoderne“ der Öffentlichkeit präsentiert. „Die Studie des bauforumstahl (BFS) in Kooperation mit dem daf-Institut der Hochschule Anhalt in Dessau, ... more
Am Freitag, dem 14. November wurden die Auszeichnungen  Guter Bauten des BDA Aachen ... more
The new corporate headquarters of the Brenntag Group, a prominent global chemical distribution company, now is completed. Ground was broken in October 2015 at the so-called Gruga Carree in Essen. The company is expected to relocate in late 2017 from Mühlheim a. d. Ruhr to the new building ... more
JSWD plant für Kölns größte Vermieterin, die Wohnungsbaugesellschaft GAG eine neue Hauptverwaltung. Auf der Baustelle im Stadtteil Kalk wird heute Richtfest gefeiert.  Ein ca. 120 m langer, dreigliedriger Baukörper  mit 5-6 Obergeschossen flankiert die ... more