Für Art-Invest plant JSWD den Neubau eines Hotels im Binnenbereich des Konrad-Adenauer-Flughafens nahe Köln. Der fünfeckige Grundriss und die Fassade lehnen sich an die Formensprache des 1970 errichteten Terminals von Prof. Schneider v. Esleben an, ohne diese zu kopieren. Rund 250 ... more
Kölner "Stadtgeschichte(n)" ist/sind das diesjährige Thema, auf das sich die teilnehmenden Architekten, Studenten und anderen Kreativen fokussieren. Der Einrichtersmow überlässt dazu zum dritten Mal seinen Showroom den eingeladenen Akteuren, die sich dort für drei Wochen ... more
The layout of the Project Campus Bad Friedrichshall is simiar to giant petals being placed in the distinct topography of the landscape. Notwithstanding the solitary impression the individual structures convey, they are positioned to encircle a common central green area. Staggered to resemble a ... more
The project just was awarded with the plantin certificate of the German Sustainable Building Council e.V [DGNB]. The Europe Plaza office and business complex is situated almost opposite the "Library of the 21st Century" in the Stuttgart 21 redeveloped quarter. Following a three-stage competition ... more
Das „Haus der Europäischen Geschichte“ wurde für den Architekturpreis des Deutschen Architekturmuseums in Frankfurt in der Kategorie "uslandsbauten" nominiert. Das im Mai 2017 eröffnete Museum befindet sich im Leopold Park, also im Herzen des Europäischen Viertels ... more
Rising to 28 floors, the high point of the building ensemble designed by JSWD Architekten is almost as high as the neighboring “Lange Eugen” [Tall Eugene], the former House of Representatives, which reaches to 114 m. With this, the new tower ranks number three in the hierarchy of ... more
At the ground level, an integral artistic concept forms the corners of the two facing buildings. The artist Annette Sauermann designed a light installation, which on the one hand symbolizes the shared identity of the two institutes but at the same time their independence. With this in mind, white ... more
By purchasing the long vacant department store in 2014, the City of Cologne assumed a key role in the effort to advance the pending rehabilitation of the city center of Porz. The Urban Development Corporation moderne stadt had been given the mandate for the creation of a feasibility study, which ... more
Topics such as current trends in residential construction in view of needs-oriented and sustainable urban development were discussed at the round-table discussion, which had been initiated by the BAUMEISTER editorial board and moderated by the editor-in-chief Alexander Gutzmer. JSWD staff, ... more
At the “Museum of Silence” in Berlin, a new addition is being celebrated today: The model presented features the “Room of Silence” as had been realized previously at the Forum Q2 of the ThyssenKrupp Quarters in Essen. The two architectural firms JSWD Architekten of Cologne ... more
The construction of a pioneering design bus maintenance depot for around 200 vehicles is underway at the approximately 36 hectares piece of land in the Mosach area of Munich. The surrounding area is characterized by the wide thoroughfare of the Georg Brauchle Ring. The objective of the ... more
Following an initial urban planning process in 2008, the architectural design and open space planning competition for the new structure to replace the district municipal complex Rodenkirchen had been released in 2017 and was recently decided. The design submitted by JSWD Architekten provides for a ... more
Directly adjacent to the Vienna Main Railroad Station on a triangular property, the shell of the business center The Icon Vienna is growing taller and taller. Now it was time to proceed with the "topping out ceremony” (Dachgleiche) meaning the reinforced concrete cover for the highest of the ... more