Frederik Jaspert

Born 1965 in Cologne, Germany | 1986-1987 studied music and drama at the University of Cologne, Germany | 1987-1994 studied architecture at RWTH Aachen | 1989 worked at Behnisch + Partner, Stuttgart |1994 Diploma, Friedrich Wilhelm Award of RWTH Aachen | 1995-1999 worked at Gerkan, Marg und Partner (gmp), Hamburg/ Aachen | 1996-2001 assistant to Prof. Volkwin Marg at RWTH Aachen | 1998 founded WJD Architekten in Cologne with Olaf Drehsen | 2000 founded JSWD Architekten in Cologne with Konstantin Jaspert, Jürgen Steffens, Rolf Watrin and Olaf Drehsen | since 2000 partner of JSWD, Cologne | since 2009 shareholder of JSWD Architekten GmbH & Co. KG | 2010–2011 visiting professorship at RWTH Aachen, Germany I 2014 Guest critic at Hochschule Anhalt, Germany

Konstantin Jaspert
Konstantin Jaspert | Vita
Jürgen Steffens
Jürgen Steffens | Vita
Olaf Drehsen
Prof. Olaf Drehsen | Vita
Founding General Partner