Refurbishment of 1014 Fifth Avenue
Client: Staatliches Hochbauamt Freiburg, Germany
Competition 2021 in cooperation with Handel architects, New York

The 1014 Inc. Organization brings together innovative thinkers to create bold solutions for the world's global challenges. This ambitious idea deserves an architectural design which is equally exceptional and capable of supporting the mission of the 1014 Inc. Organization.
Our proposal creates a nexus for ideas: the atrium acts as a central space which physically connects the Fellowship Program, Office Uses, and Public Exhibition Events. These "Three Pillars" identified by the Project Brief are considered individually as well.
The public-facing event spaces have been configured to preserve and showcase the beautiful historic elements. Programmatic flow has been optimized by reconfiguring the non-historic spaces into a breathtaking entry sequence, with a double-height community hall that opens into a terraced events garden, overlooked by the historic auditorium. Together, these spaces offer many possible configurations for a wide range of public events.
The office spaces feature an open layout, with all the support spaces consolidated into central core, leaving the perimeter open for airy open-plan office space, complete with meeting rooms that overlook the Metropolitan Museum.
The residential floors offer visiting Fellows stylish, hotel-inspired accommodations. A spacious communal room is located on the sixth floor, overlooking Fifth Avenue, and is conceived as a place for them to bond socially, building relationships which may last a lifetime.

Visuals:  Palytime Barcelona

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