New AOK Health Center and Office Building in Pforzheim
Client: AOK Baden-Württemberg
1st prize Competition 2018

The AOK Baden-Württemberg intends to build a new Administration building with a 4000sqm Health Center in the immediate vicinity of the Central Bus Terminal and the Main Train Station. Previously, JSWD positioned two expressive structures on the topographically challenging, wedge-shaped site. The almost triangular AOK structure located at the western tip of the property forms the gateway to Pforzheim in the east, with an office building opposite. To the east, a second building block for offices and retail completes the ensemble, which will be completed in the second construction phase. In between there is an attractive, public space that reacts to the terrain. Underneath the building structures will be an underground parking garage.
The AOK’s programmatic areas are logically stacked on top of each other. The Health Center’s exercise, consultation and seminar areas are located in the base. This area can be operated regardless of the opening times of the Customer center.  This is accessed from the upper level of the site and is illuminated via a glass roof. Customers and employees can access the main vertical openings via the main entrance.
All internal offices are organized around an inner courtyard on the upper floors.

Vis.: Mohan Karakoc

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