Competiton Bochum Center of Music, Germany
Client: City of Bochum
2nd prize 2012

The new "Bochum Center of Music", a key element of the Viktoria Quarter of Bochum inner-city creative quarter, will combine within a single public building a performance and rehearsal concert venue for the Bochum Symphonic Orchestra and a multifunctional hall for the city's music school. The Center of Music will be developed on the vacant, council-owned plot and will incorporate the converted Marienkirche church. Funds of approx. The task set out in the competition was to create a contemporary building of culture that would develop the Marienkirche church and the new building into a union of architecture and urban planning as well as a location within the ViktoriaQuartierBochum. The design of JSWD features two very natural area settings that conjoin with the church: the forecourt on Victoriastrasse including the main entrance to the shared foyer and the church plaza with the side entrance. A generous open staircase leads to the city balcony that can host open-air events. Here, the new structure promotes itself and music with its openness and transparency. The new building becomes a public stage and facilitates a deep view inside the building. The curtain made from filigree, ceramic profiles dissolves – the massive, monolithic hall volume evolves. On the ground floor the hall attaches to the foundation of the church. The emergent and design-characterizing glazing of the church nave will remain free from any construction. A "solitary ensemble" will arise.

Visuals: JSWD / Mohan Karakoc

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