Client: City of Luxembourg
1st prize International urban design competition 2005, Feasibility study 2008
in association with Chaix & Morel et Associés, Paris
GFA 366.000 m²

The concept placing first at the Luxemburg urban planning competition was developed in cooperation with the Chaix & Morel and Associates (Paris) architectural office, and envisions a complete redevelopment of the area around the tracks surrounding the train station hall. A multi-use park landscape bordered by office and residential buildings is to be created on the surface of this “lid”.
A network of foot paths, emanating radially from the train station will finally interlock the Bonnevoie Quarter and the train station area, which remained separated ever since their creation. The architecture of both cityareas borders the park, creating an urban borderline for the green quarter. It creates a welcome opening-upwithin the dense Luxemburg centre which offers few green surfaces.

The historic reception hall will remain as the train station’s main access and, along with the new distribution hall on the park plateau, will become the meeting point of the old and new.

Visuals: JSWD / Chaix & Morel

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