Extension and renovation of an elementary school Jean de la Fontaine near Paris
Client: City of Puteaux, France
3rd prize, competition 2021 in cooperation with inFABric, Paris

The upgrade and extension of the Eugène Petitot elementary school is inspired by the gable roof typology of a village. The new wooden shells on a stone base tie together the heterogeneous existing structure and the extensions into a holistic image - an image that implements simplicity, childishness and a playful idea, but above all is intended to give the children a warm feeling of 'home'.

The existing utilization structure of the school remains largely untouched. Only the classrooms will be rearranged and receive protected terraces in front of them. Thus, in the future, there will be the possibility to hold classes outside as well. 

The programmatic expansion of the school was solved by stacking the functions in one building. The swimming pool (optional) is located in the basement, the cafeteria on the first floor, the gymnasium on the upper floor and the sports field on the roof. This arrangement results in maximum open space for the schoolyard.

Visuals: Playtime Barcelona

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