New construction: secondary school for with sports hall
Client: City of Rheine, Germany
1st prize competition 2020/21 togeter with LAND Germany
Completion 2026

The existing secondary school is to be expanded to 6 classes and rebuilt on the site north of the Emsland Stadium. Connected by a continuous "play and sports belt" along the stadium perimeter, the school and sports hall will develop an urban unit. However, both buildings function independently of each other in terms of time and function.

The flower-shaped floor plan of the new school building creates natural welcoming gestures for the students and teachers coming from different directions. At the same time, differentiated break areas are created. Around the central school foyer, versatile functional areas such as the auditorium, cafeteria, self-study center and all-day area develop. Events can also be held here outside school hours.
The subject rooms and classrooms on the upper floors are arranged along the outer façade. Learning islands and areas for lingering, on the other hand, are oriented toward the three attractive atriums. A flexible "learning landscape" is created, which at the same time takes into account the year groupings in clusters.

In the second building, the gymnasium is positioned on the upper floor. In this way, a multifunctional range of sports rooms for both school and club sports can be offered on the first floor in addition to the changing rooms. The through foyer allows access from two sides.

Sustainability aspects: The primary energy demand of the school complies with the KFW-40 standard. In terms of structural thermal insulation, the building is 45% better than the reference building. The energy supply is provided by a heat pump combined with photovoltaics. Solar thermal energy is used to heat domestic hot water. Even in the case of additional energy demand, CO2-emitting fossil fuels are not used for heat generation.

Visuals: bloomimages for JSWD, Model photos: Schopmeyer / JSWD

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