New Exhibition hall, Trade Fair Berlin
Client: Messe Berlin GmbH
3rd prize Competition 2011
together with Chaix & Morel et Associés, Paris

The circular, newly constructed exhibition hall finalizes the development of the trade fair to the south by characterizing the cityscape. It breaks away from the orthogonal structure of its neighbouring halls and adjoins to the semicircular entrance building of the southern piazza of the trade fair. An ensemble of equal partners is being developed here that open up towards the piazza at equal level using spacious glazing. The side entrance with the second foyer is oriented towards the piazza at exhibition bank. The area slightly points towards the new building, so that upper exhibition hall can be accessed at ground level from the piazza and through the foyer. The new construction of the exhibition hall with its unique large shape is a distinctive solitaire within the trade fair area. At the same time, it connects to the existing entrance structure at the exhibition site. Correspondingly, it embraces and transforms the aspiring facade of its imminent neighbour. A diaphane structure of vertical aluminum tubing forms the second exterior membrane: closed and as a sunshield protecting the glazed and open elements. Due to the light weight of the material and thus the appearance of the circular new building it represents transparency and openness. This character is conveyed to the inside of the building. Light surfaces, open rooms with exciting view relations and ample daylight characterize the foyer and congress sections - an intentional contrast to the artificial world inside the exhibition halls.

Visuals: Eddie Young

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