New research and event building
2nd prize competition 2022
Client: State of Baden-Württemberg

The new forum is to sensitively complement the campus of the University of Konstanz and at the same time form a new address of the science location. In addition to attractive event spaces, the faculties of physics, chemistry and biology are to be integrated. The future-oriented and climate-friendly new building is intended to serve the exchange between researchers, students and citizens.
The university campus is inserted into the existing landscape as an independent, structural organism. Our planning continues this idea. We deliberately do not use the entire plot of land available and preserve the valuable forest in the southern part of the site. Our urban planning concept envisages two corresponding structures as a new gateway to the campus. The staggered heights of the volumes react sensitively to the neighboring workshop building. The two cubes are connected by a common base that develops out of the site's topography. This "tectonic plate" is the communicative heart of the new forum.

Model: JSWD, Visual: Rendertaxi for JSWD

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