Revitalisation of a listed storehouse
Client: PLB PARETO Immobilien GmbH
1st prize Competition 2003
Completion 2009

Located on the Quay of the Cologne Rheinau Docks, Halle 11 is a customs hall from the late 19th century. Special attention was paid to providing sufficient illumination of up to 21-metre deep office and residential areas inside the warehouse that was rebuilt in a simplified manner after having been damaged in the war. A glazed cube was inserted into the older building above the ground floor base facing the Rhine. This creates an impression of a “glass implant” as a transparent, independent volume that pervades the existing structure, fusing with its exterior walls. The listed façades on the remaining sides were preserved or reconstructed according to original plans. This includes crenellations, which top the roof once again. Sixty-eight flats were created in the former storehouse, offering ringside seating along the Rhine with their spacious balconies and winter gardens. The small portion of the circa 13,000 m² area is taken up by offices and commercial use areas.

Photos: Jens Willebrand, JSWD

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