ICE Terminal Cologne-Messe/Deutz, Germany
Client: Deutsche Bahn AG, City of Cologne, Koelnmesse
1st prize International competition 2000
Reconstruction old building 2010

The new ICE terminal in Cologne-Deutz will mark an essential hub in the European High speed-railway network. Conceived as a quadratic point form, the terminal exhibits great spatial clarity and distinctiveness. The historic railway station is integrated in the new concept and will take on a new dimension from the wide roof over the central hall.  The rotunda will be refurbished as an entry foyer. The orientation is immediately clear when entering the railway station: the view through from the ticket hall to the newly created convention site to the north of the railway station is now open. The former spatial barrier presented by the platform level of the Deutz-Tief station will be replaced by a spacious circulation level under both platform levels. All platforms from Deutz-Hoch and Deutz-Tief are directly connected to the central circulation level as well as the convention site. The linking of all directions and levels at a single point enable passengers to enter, depart and transfer at the ICE terminal via short and clear paths.

Photos: Jens Willebrand, Axel Hartmann

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