Expansion and restoration of the opera at “Unter den Linden” in Berlin
Client: State of Berlin
Mention, Competition 2019/2020, JSWD in cooperation with Gina Barcelona Architects

Our proposed ensemble of an old structure with an extension frames the listed building with a clear architectural gesture. The “Komische Oper” is finally to have a satisfactory address of high architectural recognition and value. The old building will be freed and the façade returned to its clear, cubic form originating in the GDR period. Between today‘s Opera and the extension, at the level of the interval foyer, the new “Lindengalerie” is situated. This structural join, filled with light, creates a new openness in front of and behind the stage. While the otherwise minimalist existing building only gives a hint of the neo-Baroque interior through the avant-corps above the entrance, the extension façade turns this principle on its head. The abstract ornament of the bronze, shimmering façade suggests associations with an assembly of numerous tuning forks or an artistically ruffled stage curtain. This design stands out consciously from the monolithic older structure, clad in light sandstone

Visuals: Playtime for JSWD/GINA, Model photo: JSWD

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