New "Waldviertel" - Reuse of an former factory area for habitation
Client: Bauwens GmbH & Co. KG + Convalor Projektpartner GmbH
Landscape planning: RMP Stephan Lenzen Landschaftsarchitekten
Start of Construction 2020, Completion 2022

A new urban attraction is about to enrich Rodenkirchen, the popular Cologne Residential Area.  Excavators have been at work along the busy Bahnstrasse and the unsightly building sections of a long idle former sausage factory are being dismantled.  An old shelter sporting concrete walls three meters deep has been demolished gradually. A pleasantly landscaped and mostly car-free residential area is being created. Initially JSWD has been engaged in the development of the urban planning fundamentals for the attractive property, which is centrally located between the green belt and the Rodenkirchen Market Square. At this time, however, the construction work for the initial batch of 270 apartments is getting underway.

Visulas: JSWD / Bauwens, Site plan: RMP

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