Development of a former mining site
1st prize competition 2020, study 2021

The core of the design is an extended green whose grassy center gives the newly created quarter its own unmistakeable identity. This green is to be thought of as a strong backbone. Alongside promoting the shared development of the district, it also contains public play areas and the required retention areas.
Along the green, the planned structures form the spatial framework of this central open space. A large number of highly attractive addresses will be created beside the “green”. The vertical subdivision of the apartment blocks into legible units creates a small-scale atmosphere and lets inhabitants identify with “their own” house.
To the south-west, the structure opens up and scaled units are collated into small residential groups. The small square at the entrance to the district receives residents and visitors from neighboring residential quarters alike. Here, kindergartens are incorporated in the urban fabric as supplementary services. The very sparing road connections of the district use a central street on the western side of the green. Here, all the entrances to the subterranean parking lots can be reached without crossing the green. The tight-knit footpaths and cycle routes connect the district to the surroundings.

Visuals: Rendertaxi for JSWD

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