Day care centre "Miniapolis", Thyssenkrupp Quarter Essen
Client: ThyssenKrupp AG / Deutsches Rotes Kreuz
1st prize international competition 2006 in cooperation with Chaix & Morel et Associés, Paris
Completion 2012
Photos: Thomas Lewandovski, Michael Wolff

The “Miniapolis” day care centre is located on the premises of Thyssenkrupp Quarter in Essen. The facility has capacity to accommodate 105 children from aged 4 months to school starting age in mixed age groups. The proposal developed together with all parties included the idea to lend a technical look-and-feel to the building. The facility, which is operated by BsE, follows the principle of education-focused “Reggio Pedagogy”. In addition to promoting a scientific and technical affinity it focuses on education in mathematical thinking, music, languages and exercise. “Reggio-Pedagogy” provides an exceptionally broad framework for the day care centre. The “centre point” of the building features a central, two-storey “piazza”. It is a site for common events, a place to meet. The six daily childcare core groups extend from here. The core groups are accommodated in several rooms located around this “village piazza”. The groups are complemented by a library, a wood workshop, a studio, a multi-purpose and a computer room.

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