Multi-Storey Car Park of Fraunhofer ILT and IPT, Aachen
Client: Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft e.V., Munich
Completion 2014

As part of the development of the ILT and IPT Fraunhofer Institutes into the Aachen Center of Competence in High-tech Production for Growing Markets, approx. 5,300 m³ of laboratory and office space will be added to the two neighboring buildings. A multi-story car park will be constructed on an adjoining extension plot also owned by Fraunhofer Gesellschaft in order to provide additional parking spaces for the extension buildings of the ILT+IPT Fraunhofer Institutes and to supplement the spaces already available on the premises. The multi-storey car park will be constructed alongside the street with an access road built at a 90° angle, whereby the structure will emerge from the current site. The building is designed as an open car park with 8 parking decks using split-level construction and will accommodate 300 cars in total. The chosen construction method will feature an efficient steel, steel-reinforced concrete composite construction system design that overspans the individual levels without the need for supports. The design of the car park facade is based on the central theme of an "artificial green facade". This concept is realized by means of an open facade made up of aluminium profiles that are arranged irregularly on two displaced levels. The original field will be restored by sowing lawn and planting shrubs along the exterior. A concrete slab path will connect it with the ILT+IPT Institutes.

Photos: Thomas Lewandovski, Rüdiger Mosler

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