City Quarter „Brouch“ with Primary school in Esch-sur-Alzette
Client: City of Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg
1st prize Competition 2013
Completion of the 1st construction phase 2024

The task of the competition was the urban redevelopment of the "Brouch" district, the renovation and extension of the existing elementary school and the construction of a new preschool and a childcare center. The project had to be realized in several construction phases without temporary solutions. The formerly "impermeable" block of houses has been transformed into three building ensembles, each of which encloses a garden courtyard with a different quality of open space. The first courtyard is surrounded by all the new and old school buildings. The second courtyard contains, among other things, the open space of the pre-school. The third courtyard is defined by a possible new building that can accommodate apartments or, optionally, other school facilities.

The result will be an open, car-free quarter with a high amenity value. A generous public open space will remain between the courtyard ensembles, giving the new quarter its own identity and linking it to the surrounding area. Free from car traffic, this green space offers a safe and attractive route to school for pupils and pre-schoolers and breaks up the "backyard character" of the inner area. The openness and accessibility of the quarter creates new qualities of stay for all citizens of the city and anchors the school ensemble more firmly in the fabric of the city than before.

Visual courtyard: JSWD / Mohan Karakoc; Visual school: Jim Clemes

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