New Residential Quarter in Rodenkirchen, Cologne, Germany
Client: Esser Planungsgesellschaft mbH, AK Projektentwicklung GmbH
Urban Planning 2013
Owner since 2018: Bauwens GmbH & Co. KG + Convalor Projektpartner GmbH
Site ca. 4,5 hectar

The concept for developing a new residential and office location in Cologne's Rodenkirchen district submitted by JSWD as part of an urban planning competition by invitation has been awarded one of two second prizes. No first prize was awarded. From the new town square at the station, flanked by the chamber opera and office buildings, the green quarter opens up to pedestrians via a ring-shaped "boulevard". Diverse residential buildings and a children's daycare center orient on the quiet inner space. This enables an urban quarter to develop in a central location that features the benefits of the outskirts. After winning the competition, JSWD has prepared the base for the masterplan of the site - today called "Waldviertel".

Visuals: JSWD

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