International Railway Station Cessange, Luxembourg
Client: Ministry of Transports
3rd prize Competition 2009

The reconstruction of the station in the Luxemburg quarter of Cessange is intended to be a link between the existing railway tracks and the new European high-speed lines. A roof that covers a large surface forms the dominating motif of the building, reaching widely across the station forecourt with its spanning finger, and seemlessly blending into the platform canopies above the tracks. It forms the design that brackets all parts of the building, thereby creating a gesture of reception with its spanning supports that can be seen from a distance. The core of the concept that spreads across two levels is the main passageway that passes below the tracks. It's opening is funnel-shaped towards the corresponding entrances and enables effortless interchange between trams, taxis or busses. Additional oval openings within the area of the platforms allow daylight to pass into the interchange level.

Photos, Visual: JSWD

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