Representation of Thyssenkrupp in Berlin

New Client: Thyssenkrupp AG
Invited Competition, 2nd prize, January 2012
Concept in Cooperation with Chaix & Morel et Associés

The new Thyssenkrupp House in Berlin is an integral component of the urban plan for the reconstruction of the “Schlossplatz“ area. The historically significant location of the plot demands a building that is formulated with no rear walls: this urban component will close off the future Schlossplatz and announce its address here, while also presenting itself equally open to the river Spree and the former State Council Building. The new structure is comprised of two nested volumes that together create an “air joint”. The ground level generously opens itself, drawing the surrounding cityscape into its interior. The abstract spatial geometry is enveloped by a skin of delicate vertical stone lamella. This results in an independent volume that tightly connects to the surroundings via its materiality.

Visuals: Eddie Young

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