Client: City of Neuss, Germany
nne city site: 50,000 spm
1st prize workshop
A cooperation with LAND Germany and BSV

The goal of the Neuss Wendersplatz ideas workshop – “giving home a harbour” – was to develop concepts for the design and future use of the Wendersplatz as a central building -block of the city. What was desired was a highly frequented multifunctional use of the 5 ha area at the edge of the inner city of Neuss.

The Wendersplatz as conceived by JSWD welcomes citizens and visitors with open arms. Fully oriented towards the west and surrounded by the planned structures, the Wendersplatz, with its gastronomic facilities, offers high quality of stay. At the same time, the square provides spectacular views of the urban silhouette and Münster Sankt Quirinus. In this way, the foyer of the multifunctional hall on the upper floor, the IHK building and Clemens-Sels Museum generate a dialogue between the urban core and newly designed district. The desired attractive extension of the inner city of Neuss across the Wendersplatz towards the racetrack and banks of the Rhine can thus achieve success.

In a second forum – once again with the involvement of citizens – our design will form the basis of the urban plans.

Model, Visuals: JSWD

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