Expansion University Hospital Cologne, Germany
Client: University Hospital Cologne
Competition 2017, Mention
GFA 1st section: 60,000 sqm

Objective: Expansion of the existing campus of the Cologne Medical Center. The plans called for the design of the new facilities for pediatrics and gynecology on an approximately 15,000 m2 area. In addition, the OP capacities, the emergency central admission [ZNA] and a rooftop helicopter pad are projected. The entire expansion is designed to be directly adjacent to the existing building complex consisting traditionally of a wide flat structure housing examination and OP facilities as well as an 18-story ward tower. The JSWD Architekten design calls for the staggered layout of the buildings varying in height. This feature is destined to transform the required structures to a human scale. It is fully intended to retain the established ward building as giving the city image its character while the expansion will grow into the area. A natural roof garden will serve as play area for the young patients. The guiding concept of the entire design aims at not coming across as a “Get-You-Well Machine”; instead, the façade ensemble is intended to convey the image of a residential development.

Visuals: Rendertaxi Barcelona, Site plan: JSWD

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