Capelle of Cellitinnen Senior House in Düren, Germany
Client: Seniorenhaus GmbH der Cellitinnen zur hl. Maria
Completion: 2005

The senior house for the Cellites is located on Kölnstraße at the centre of Düren. A ground-breaking project has been developed on the site of the former St Peter Julian parish church in conjunction with the conversion of the already existing children's day-care centre, which will enable the senior residents to participate in urban life and will promote communication between the old and the young. The patrons of the resident Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament have also found a new home in the house and the new, public chapel. In addition to the six apartments the senior citizens' residence also includes a monastery section. The chapel is accessed through the central courtyard. The yard is the site where residents and users of the facility meet and communicate. The publicly accessible chapel is a place of retreat that incorporates the special spiritual atmosphere of the Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament monastery.

Photos: Ulrich Kaifer, Christa Lachenmaier, Aymeric Fouquez

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