Client: Seniorenhaus GmbH der Cellitinnen zur hl. Maria, Cologne
Completion 2005 / 2013

The senior house for the Cellites is located on Kölnstraße at the centre of Düren and contains around 80 care places, 45 apartments, a small cloister area with six priest apartments, a public chapel and upmarket retailing spaces along the street. An existing kindergarten is being altered and integrated into the overall concept. The heart and social centre is a fully enclosed courtyard with access to the street and adjacent park. The courtyard is the address for the new complex, and also serves as a circulation area and communicative meeting place for the residents and users of the complex. Although it is located near the centre of Düren, the courtyard is a contemplative place, conveying the special spiritual atmosphere of the order.

Photos: Aymeric Fouquez, Christa Lachenmaier, Ulrich Kaifer

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