Client: GAG Immobilien AG, Cologne
Urban planning 2014/15
Headquarter GAG: JSWD, residential: Molestina + ASTOC
Completion 2018

The objective of the revitalization of the former chemical plant Kalk called for the creation of an urbane co-existence of office and residential use buildings. Prior to the launch of the project, the architects had been asked to seek the cooperation of a landscape designer. The design submitted by JSWD Architekten ended up being the urban planning basis for the design of the quarter. A network of walkways connects the car-free quarter with the neighboring city structures and, in particular, it opens toward the adjacent city park. There is also a public playground. The required parking spaces are provided by two underground parking garages. The uniform architecture of all structures reinforces the identity of the quarter.

A 120 m long three-block office building with individual sections recessed in height and alignment is situated along the main road. The resulting angular blocks end up looking not unlike an assembled comb structure whose four heads lead to the residential development in the rear. A three-dimensional facade structure covered with light colored nature stone (limestone) characterizes the GAG headquarters. Large glass areas convey openness and facilitate the highest possible daylight yield.
Prudent positioning of the six multi-family buildings protects the apartments largely from emissions from the adjacent main thoroughfares.

Photos: Jens Willebrand, Cologne

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