Office Center at „Neuer Kanzlerplatz Bonn“
Client: Art-Invest Real Estate, Cologne
1st prize Competition 2015
Start of construction 2019, Completion 2022/2023
Intended Certificate: LEED Gold

A new office complex is under development directly adjacent to the Federal Quarter and the Museum Mile - more precisely on the property of the former “Bonn Center”. The focus of the project is on high-end attractive architecture, that also offers urban and functional quality. The new development is intended to create a sensible, compatible transition to the adjacent southern residential development.

Rising to 28 floors, the high point of the building ensemble designed by JSWD is almost as high as the neighboring “Lange Eugen” [Tall Eugene], the former House of Representatives, which reaches to 114 m. With this, the new tower ranks number three in the hierarchy of Bonn’s high-rise buildings. Three office buildings of differing elevations, all designed with pentagonal floor plans, will in future surround the new municipal square. The building ensemble blends in well with the urban environment. The inner-city landmark of the former “Bonn Center” dating back to the 1960s, had been demolished as far back as March of 2017. The structural work is scheduled to begin in early 2019. Meanwhile, the preparation of the 12 m deep excavation is being prepared. The completion is scheduled for 2022. The German Postbank will be the principal tenant of the 40,000 m2 floor space.

Aerial photo: Art-Invest, Photos: Christa Lachenmaier, JSWD

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