New building for University Hospital Tübingen UKT
Client: State of Baden-Württemberg, Property and Construction Office Tübingen
Competition 2021/2022

The University Hospital of Tübingen (UKT) and the client are planning the construction of a new "New Medical Clinic" (NMK) in two construction phases on the grounds of the University Hospital. The first construction phase, the so-called joint building, is the subject of this realization competition. At the same time, an ideas section was to be developed for the second construction phase.

The joint building is the connecting building between the CRONA clinics in the north and the existing medical clinic in the east. It is the first central building block in the step-by-step implementation of the previously developed master plan from currently isolated individual clinics to a central core clinic on the Schnarrenberg. In this context, the "New Medical Clinic" creates the conditions for a fundamental reorganization of patient care with clearly structured traffic flows and functional interrelationships.

Visual: Rendertaxi, model: JSWD

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