Revitalization and extension of a workshop building for office use
Client: Oliver + Dieter Kleinjohann, Cologne
Completion 2015 / 2023
Photos: Christa Lachenmaier (7), HG Esch (1-6)

The only remaining listed workshop building of the former "Heinrich Abelen Furniture Factory," from which was built in the 1920s, was has been revitalized and converted for office use. In the initial construction phase, the old existing building was refurbished in line with its listed statusthe principles of historic preservation, and a staggered recessed storey upper story was added. By dismantling the interventions in the substance of the existing building that had been added over the years in the meantime, JSWD was able to restore its distinct historical, identity-creating effect character, making it stand out amidst in the heterogeneous surroundings of the its urban mixed-use areaneighborhood was restored. The floor plans were designed flexibly to meet tenant requirements , allowing for both- individual and combined offices are possible. All tenants can use the conference zone withand lounge in the basement., Tand there is also space for commercial use on the first floor.

In a later phase, a simple 4-to-5-storey office cube was later built on the an adjacent corner plot. Both buildings border the historically existing inner courtyard, which was part of the original building and has now offers a high quality of staybeen turned into an attractive outdoor space. The two buildings are also connected by the dark clinker brickwork, which was also - used for the new staggered recessed top storey inof the listed building.

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