Extension of the primary school "Mainzer Straße" in Cologne
Client: City of Cologne
Completion 2008

With the extension of the primary school dated from the late 50's the necessary new premises for a public all day school are made available. The added volume perpendicularly appends itself to the 1950s school building on the side facing the yard. Decisive for the location of the new building in the schoolyard were the distance spaces to the adjacent neighbour sites and the preservation of historic buildings. To emphasize the sculptural look of the building, vertical and horizontal tiling for the outer surface has been designed exclusively for this object. The prominent form of the new building results from the requirements of a roofed over area with both extremely low loss of space and the kept intersection between schoolyard and sports field. At the same time the roofed over area for breaks serves as intersection to the adjoining gym.

Photos: Lukas Roth

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