Q2, Forum Thyssenkrupp Quarter in Essen
Client: ThyssenKrupp Real Estate GmbH
1st prize Competition 2007 in cooperation with chaixetmorel, Paris
Completion 2011

Photos: Christian Richters, Overmann, Staehle, Lukas Roth, Thomas Lewandowski

The forum building (Q2) is part of the Thyssenkrupp Quarter in Essen. The building is situated next to the Q1 office building on the eastern side of the central water axis. The forum can be accessed through the campus as well as from underground, and is within short distance from any part of the facility.

The forum is intended as a central point of communication - a place of exchange and transfer of knowledge that will be used for meetings and conferences by the corporate management or for welcoming clients and guests who are visiting the company. The canteen (Casino), which is also located on the ground floor, will cater for the approximately 2,500 people working at the site.

The first floor is laid out as a conference level: a compact arrangement on a single level including several conference rooms, the large convention and event hall, and the “room of silence”. The conference rooms are designed as four different room sections that may be combined.

The interior is characterized by expressive room sequences with one- and two-storey buildings. Aerial spaces with different levels can be found at several locations. As a result of the spacious experience within the room and it’s high degree of functionality, the forum is attractive and also a place of high quality to reside in.

In 2024, the office quarter was renamed "ruhr tech kampus essen".

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