Repalcement of the District municipal complex in Rodenkirchen
Client: City of Cologne
1st prize Competition 2018, together with RMP Landschaftsarchitekten, Bonn
In Planning

The new district town hall is intended to be a citizen-oriented and inviting "city loggia". The aging existing building from the 1960s must be replaced. In front of the striking new building, the car-free neighborhood square will roll out like a carpet. This will offer a high quality of stay and space for a wide variety of events. Retailers and restaurants will be able to use the square area and turn the new town hall square into another attractive meeting place in Rodenkirchen. In interaction with the flanking edges of the square, an address-forming urban space is created that gives the new building an appropriate appearance. An attractive pathway connects the square to the nearby banks of the Rhine on foot. The compact building structure leaves a large garden in the transition to the small-scale residential development of the adjoining "Auenviertel". Here, employees can spend their breaks and the need for expansion space is covered.

The typology of the square's arcade houses is taken up and continued. A perceptible, structural continuum is created and a weather-protected connection to the bus stop and underground parking garage.  The glazed foyer of the barrier-free planned city hall opens to the car-free square. Reception, registration hall and the vertical circulation are readable at first sight and allow the visitors a good orientation. A generous staircase leads to the "Belle Etage" with the council hall and the hall foyer facing the square.

The design reflects the required space program, but can still react flexibly to changing specifications.

The energy-efficient city hall is to be equipped with a heat pump, photovoltaics, green roof, ice storage and a rainwater cistern, among other things.

Vis.: Playtime Barcelona, model: JSWD

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