Interim location of the Württemberg State Theater and new residential building
Competition 2023
Awarding authority: City of Stuttgart

The planning area is part of the so-called "Maker City", an ecological urban quarter to be built by 2027, which will be characterized by an exciting mix of working and living.

Our design offers a building structure in which the different uses can develop independently and without interference.

The base consists of three floors and represents the entire spatial program of the State Theater. The centerpiece is the spatial continuum of stage, side stage, back stage and auditorium with foyers in front, which open onto the Wagenhallenplatz and anchor the theater in the urban district, visible from afar. A main corridor connects the stages with the service areas on all floors. The clear organization allows spatial adjustments to be made while the theater is in operation and without major construction work. The new building is designed as an elementary structure so that most of the components of the venue can be dismantled and recycled. The freed-up space will then be put to a new - commercial or public - use.

The building base supports two atrium houses with apartments, which will remain part of the future mixed-use neighborhood. The shooting via a central core and a ring-shaped arcade is decoupled from the use in the base.

Visuals: Playtime Barcelona for JSWD, model: JSWD

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