„Our work combines conceptual directness with limited utilization of formal means. This “economical utilization of resources“ in general and in architectural detail is an important prerequisite for the longevity of our ideas“

“Baukultur” is a concept that is difficult to translate; for this very reason, many think therefore that it is a German virtue. Baukultur stands for the holistic approach to the built environment, at any scale, both in terms of function and from an aesthetic point of view combined with the understanding of the cultural heritage and focusing on the future. With this in mind, we claim to arrive at the best possible solution for each task assigned to us - from the school building to the corporate headquarters. We have succeeded in this endeavor due to the well-developed culture of lively discussion among the four partners and our staff members. We consider the diversity of the resulting resources and possibilities to be our strength.


The Cologne-based firm JSWD Architekten was founded in 2000. Today the four partners Jürgen Steffens, Olaf Drehsen and the brothers Konstantin and Frederik Jaspert head an office with 180 employees from 30 nations. The partners started on their architectural careers as RWTH students in Aachen. Günter Behnisch, Schuster Architects as well as Volkwin Marg (gmp) influenced their further professional development, followed by teaching posts and the establishment of the firm. In the last several years, JSWD has realized many projects in Germany and increasingly in other European countries, for the most part following successfully entered competitions.
JSWD finds further architectural, technical and intellectual inspiration in cooperative ventures with other architectural firms in France and Luxembourg, in the USA and in China while maintaining a collaborative exchange in the realization of joint construction projects.


Our architecture is characterized by a dense synthesis of shapes, functionality and select materials. These three elements are inseparable and assume an equal, playful bond with all other requirements of the construction task.

The resulting buildings reveal the continuous pursuit of conceptual formal clarity. Working with a limited range of clearly defined elements, the firm creates unambiguous hierarchies inside its buildings and in open spaces. The identity of each design evolves from the specific situation and the aspiration to reflect the user’s own image in corporate architecture.

By cooperating with other established specialist planners we handle all phases from pre-planning through to construction services. More than 80 architects are currently working on our projects in teams each made up of 3 - 10 members.

Today, contractors expect all buildings to meet the current standards for energy efficiency and sustainability. This is why we account for such aspects in the early phases of planning.

 Urban Design

Most of our projects have their roots in urban planning. We strive to rearrange urban centres and create clear places and space hierarchies. Built on this robust foundation, buildings and ensembles can develop anew and individually. Our goals are functioning intersections and a convincing interaction of new developments with the existing.

We do not consider tasks that are confined within a developed, urban context with its restrictions, historical context a limitation; far more we see it to be a challenge and source to inspire our creativity. JSWD Architects were able to win competitions when the requirement was to re-arrange complex and demanding inner-city zones and intersections in particular.

 Master Planning

If desired, we also act as general planners. We can combine under our directorship all planning required for the construction, including project management. This enables the client to communicate with only one person who is responsible for all issues concerning the overall project. Coordination and organisational aspects thus may be reduced to a minimum while consistently assuring high quality. While planning we communicate with specialist engineers who know our working techniques and have proven reliable over many years of cooperation. Construction projects of various type and sizes evolve under our planning supervision.

Corporate Architecture

The endeavor for conceptual and formal clarity, independent of scale, takes priority as far as each JSWD construction project is concerned. We develop the identity of our designs from the specifics of the situation, the location, the function as well as from our claim to reflect the self-image of the client expressed in the sense of an individual Corporate Architecture. Best-case scenario: we create an inspiring and identifying symbol of the culture a company lives and breathes.

 Health Care

On April 1, 2021, we established JSWD Health Care GmbH as a wholly owned subsidiary of JSWD Architekten GmbH & Co. KG.

From now on, all projects in the field of health care, senior living, laboratory buildings and medical research facilities will be handled in this new company.


Today, contractors expect all buildings to meet the current standards for energy efficiency and sustainability. This is why we account for such aspects in the early phases of planning. Parallel development of the structure, equipment and appliances, and the building shell has proven successful: The German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB e. V.) already has awarded many projects of JSWD Architects, most recently the "Gold Certificate of Sustainability" for the building Q1 of the Thyssenkrupp Quarters in Essen.

Built Examples:

Headquarter Q1, Thyssenkrupp Quartier in Essen: DGNB Gold
Headquarter der Enervie in Hagen: LEED Gold
Kurt-Masur-School in Leipzig: PHPP-Standard
Office Building VIVAWEST in Gelsenkirchen: KfW-70-Standard
Business Center THE ICON VIENNA: LEED Platin

Founding Partners

Frederik Jaspert
Frederik Jaspert | Vita
Konstantin Jaspert
Konstantin Jaspert | Vita
Jürgen Steffens
Jürgen Steffens | Vita
Olaf Drehsen
Prof. Olaf Drehsen | Vita

Associate Partners

Christian Mammel
Christian Mammel | Vita
Mario Pirwitz
Mario Pirwitz | Vita
Tobias Unterberg
Tobias Unterberg | Vita


JSWD Mitarbeiter

Omar Alayli / Stephan Albrecht / Fedaa Alsoki / Armaghan Amirhassankhani / Yihea Ashkar / Yildiz Atilgan / Michael Backes / Vivien Bastian / Arzu Bastug / Iva Baze / Julia Benning / Maroua Ben Othmann / Tobias Bley / Matthias Bockstruck / András Bódi / Lisa Bornholdt / Nina Breuer / Vadim Burmann / Carina Bürger / Marcel Campschroer / Elena Chernyak / Martin Claßen / Johanna Dettinger-Klemm / Ekin Dilek / Ameline Dumouchel / Claire Dupré / Matteo Dürfeld / Francisco Fajardo / Yinglin Fan / Han Feng / Sebastian Fuchs / Irini Galarza / Paul Gies / Marija Gonopolskaja / Simon Greuel / Julian Gross / Pei Gui / Sonja Gvozdenovic / Jan Haloschan / Stefan Haupt / Martin Heddinga / Sara Hengsbach / Stephanie Henke / Jakob Hense / Raoul van Herwijnen / Stephan Hugen / Franziska Humperdinck / Lejla Huskic / Gergana Ivanova-Stanoeva / Thomas Jansen / Chen Jiang / Luisa Jung / Jan Kaas / Minjeong Kang / Young Kang / Elena Kantorovitch / Saadet Kahraman / Reza Kamyabi / Ena Kasumovic / Nadine Keller / Sebastian Kemper / Burak Kilic / Hyesu Kim / Abraham Klagsbrun / Anastasiia Korovina / Henriette Kosel / Nils Kubischek / Joep Kuijs / Ahmad Issa / Michael Landin / Andreas Lepert / Lin Li / Ran Li / Ye Li / Yingying Li / Alexandra Limar / Guido Litjens I Dongwei Liu / Nadine Lubeley / Kejun Luo / Sabrina Lupero-Reichert / Omar Malass / Jennifer Maldener / Naghmeh Malek / Christian Mammel / Andrea Marxen / Armin Memic / Anesa Mesic / Hermann Norda / Elisabeth Mohrs / Gioia Murek / Ikenna Obinna / Annika Obst / Laura Offermann / Alptug Ören / Martin Oehme / Xavier Osorio / Stephan Paschen / Sophia Peters / Sabine Piechotta / Mario Pirwitz / Maria Pitsiladi / Arno Pollmanns / Maria Renner / Anette Rickert / Julia Rings / Sebastian Palacios Romero / Caroline Rosenberg / Andrés Conesa Rosique / Sebastian Rübben / Mehtap Saltan / Elena Sarigelinoglu / Felix Schmidt / Antonia Schmitz / Désirée Schmitz / Leonard Schneider / Helmut Schröder / Tina Schütte / Anna Schulz / Maen Shams Edden / Bilal Sinir / Zackery Sladden / Kim Karen Steffens / Jeraldy Stephanis / Mira Tabbalat / Armin Tillmann / Tobias Unterberg / Yeliz Uzunemin-Cay / Nicolas Velz / Ursula Vollmert / Alexandra Voss / Julian Wachsmann / Hannah Warrach / Alina Weidenhaupt / Nina Weise / Viviana Winkler / Alexandra Winnes / Ellen Wölk / Sina Wolpert / Adam Wuttke / Alessandro Zanola / Fangyuan Zhang / Zhen Zhang / Zhizhe Zhang / Gjiergj Zhebo / Yunke Zheng

Photo: JSWD

In addition to our headquarters in Cologne, our location in Berlin was opened in 2021.
Here we mainly work on projects in the field of "Health Care".

Adresse Berlin:      JSWD Architekten, Stralauer Allee 7, 10245 Berlin-Friedrichshain, T +49 (0)30 439 725 9-0
Adresse Cologne:    JSWD Architekten, Maternusplatz 11, 50996 Cologne-Rodenkirchen, T +49 (0)221 935 55-0



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