Multi-storey Car Park of the Thyssenkrupp Quarter in Essen
Client: Thyssenkrupp AG, Essen, Germany
1st prize International Competition 2006
In cooperation with Chaix & Morel et Associés
Completion 2010

The Thyssenkrupp Quartier is an arrangement of buildings surrounded by a green carpet of trees. The buildings, connected by short pathways and small piazzas, outline the central, all-arranging axis with the large water basin and the "Avenue of Worlds".  In addition to these overriding urban planning characteristics JSWD and Chaix & Morel turned their attention to the architectural design of the individual buildings. The goal was to create a quarter with a compact and homogeneous architectural appearance. The viewer will remember this image of strong unity. The campus is dominated by filigree metal and glass facade constructions. Unused vehicles are parked mostly inside a multi-storey car park and an underground garage. The car park building adopts the height offset of the site with regard to Berthold Beitz Boulevard and to Krupp Park located west of the plot.

Photos: Christian Richters, Michael Wolff

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